Download page for the pdf-mpc(*) package

(*) Parametrized Derivative-Free Model Predictive Control package 

pdfmpc is a short name for parameterized derivative free model predictive control. This is a Matlab package (with Matlab Coder use option) that enables to solve Nonlinear Model Preditive Control Design problem using Direct Single shooting highly parametrizable way.

The pdf manual should be quite sufficient to use the package efficiently.

Terms of use
This free-software is provided with no warranty. All consequences of its use on real-life systems is the responsibility of the user. Under these terms, the user is free to use the executable MPC solver for academic purposes provided that the citations below are included in any publication and/or public presentation of the results obtained with the pdf-mpc package:

title={A Pragmatic Story of Model Predictive Control:
Self-Contained Algorithms and Case-Studies},
author={Alamir, M.},
publisher={CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform}
author = {Alamir, M.},
title = {{A Free-Matlab-Coder package for Real-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive.
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The package is now available at my github page: